Welcome to Pacific Avenue Business District

Our mission statement

We strive to involve our district businesses to promote an awareness of the diversity of the businesses in our district. We have stores of different ethnic cultures, major anchor businesses and many local owners.

Being a member

When you become a member of the Pacific Avenue Business you help us promote all the businesses and develop a community that cares for the residents around us and the surronding areas. Contact by email Webmaster

How we started

Pacific Avenue Business District. The story - a couple of ladies got together and started talking about ideas on how to clean and protect their neighborhood. They called around and even went door to door to the local businesses from 46th to 56th Streets and started talking about their ideas and today they have formed a committee to get things rolling. As you can tell , we are all very excited. Believe it or not we have already got things happening in just our first few weeks, thanks to the help of our city council members at the time Rick Talbot and Connie Ladenburg and Safe Streets coordinator - Darren Pen and excited local residents.

Where we are today

We were approved as the 15th business district of the City of Tacoma in 2009. We had to do more than the rest thus resulting in an ordnance requirement to the establishment of our district. This would be the norm for any future district formation

Street Fair

The street fair was placed on hold during the remodel of Stewart Middle school. If it is to happen in the future we will need a new venue for it. We hope to determine this later this year

Our website

We will list your business, your location and how to contact you. We wish to provide all that visit this site all the diversity that we can provide. More than many in Tacoma

Special notice

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